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Roof coating

• Visually – a new roof.


• Reduces stress on roof structure.


• Resistant to weathering and environmental    pollution.


• Protects against moss, fungi and lichens.


• Improves drainage.


• Protects against frost damage.


• Less internal condensation.


• Colour blends patched roofs and extensions.


• Increases life of the roof tiles.


• All standard roof tiles colours available




Since roof coatings become popular we have seen many companies come and go all claiming to be the best setting, the standards etc and so on, firms like Aquashield and thermal coatings all truly believed they're we're best at roof coatings.


Infant Polyshield not only out performed them on the field but by doing so have managed to continue a thriving business because our continue success has come from recommendation from satisfied customer.




We have used all of the brand name products and found Kingfishers to out performed its competitors, We at Polyshield know it doesn't matter how good a job you do if you haven't got a long lasting high quality products to back up the installation this will in effect future custom as well as damage the reputation we at Polyshield have worked so hard to build.




Now a little more about the reason to have your roof coated.


Many people don't know that new roof tiles are infact coated in the factory with the exact polymer coating we apply to your existing tiles this can be seen in the video.




This coating should be applied at least every 20 years to prevent the roof tile from erosion.


What is Roof coating ?


Kingfisher styrene polymer coating is an additional layer of protection placed on the finished roof functioning as a means of enhancing the roofs look improving its kerb appeal increasing the house value the roof then has the ability to remain undamaged from rain, hail and sunlight, the coating forms a thin coat of hard wearing polymer effectively sealing the roof tiles establishing a barrier between the weather elements and the actual concrete roof tile itself, This product will add years to the lifespan of your roof tiles



Since applying a new polymer roof coating to your roof tiles with careful repairs carried out prior is significantly less expensive and time consuming than installing a new roof, many home owners choose to make use of this of this type of protection. The use of Kingfisher roof coating can sometimes double the life span of the roof tiles.


The Kingfisher roof coating will expand and retract as weather conditions change, this keeps the coating intact and completely adhere to the roof tiles.



The Kingfisher roof coating performs a micro polymer chain this is like a goretex jacket it will stop water from penetrating at the same time will allow the roof tiles to breath..


Please note this is not a one piece and is directed towards each individual tile, not the whole roof itself. otherwise Roof coating designed to prevent concrete erosion and will not guarantee against future leaks that may accure due to storm damage and other factors.



Having your roof professional coated with a premium grade polymer and Not masonry paint can save  you thousands of pounds compared to having a new roof. Your roof will look newer for longer with few signs of deterioration



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