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Roof cleaning



When it comes to roof cleaning, we can without a doubt claim to be the most knowledgeable company in the industry, with thousands of cleaned roofs over the years you have come to the right place.


You may have heard power washing is not good to have done on your roof, this is the case for granulated tiles that are under 25 years old  but does not apply to the more modern used polymer coated tile.


Granulated tiles over 25 years old will be porous with the natural weathering, by powerwashing your rooftile would make no difference to the surface that's already weathered away.


All roof cleaning will include repairs as we could break a tile or remove loose pointing with the washer, roofers know this and use it as an excuse why not to have this work done. If you ask any why not you always get the same answer cause a roofer i know said not to, but not the reason why?. Now I have expelled all the reason why scare mongering only apply to granulated rooftiles under the age of 25 year old, you can now benefit from a professional powerwash of your roof tile followed with a moss treatment to prolong the clean length.




If your still not convinced, we offer a softwash service. This works with applying a moss killing chemical then returning with a low pressure fan jet around 50bar to glently eradicate the dead moss from your roof. This would be two separate visit and would cost slightly more than a standard powerwash.